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красный волос Пламенный самостоятельно ПОРТРЕТ

др радиация

Слепой ?



скучать одевать

танец учитель

Медведь Пикник

Люси любит тем Каникулы


нарушена Отрасли

Тантрический Carla

carla получает нервный

Шон Bray's Греческий Группа

Carla и чем Родео Клоун

  - Biography for Barb Mann 20117 , Artist Descriptions and Connectivity to the World Ms. Mann reported : Switching from law to art occurred rather unexpectedly, at the Jeu de Paum in Paris, 1968, when a lighting bolt priced my heart. Standing in front of the Sunflowers by Van Gogh., I knew I had been picked by the Master. I had no choice. Ms. Mann gra...
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  - happy Birthday My birthday is May 13, I celebrate a week before and a week aafter.However this year I was too busy as I prepared my submission for the Scotia Bank Burtynsky Book Publishing Contest. Winning prize is $5000 for a new author. It will pay for my legacy, Inter Mind Access, my book that presents a lifetime of work, including my book, Canc...
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  - Welcome ! Getting to know Me, barbara greene mann The World Today's Page
Who would have thought I would have held on so long. My art carer hs had many diversions and bumps. My Biography, includes My artist Statement, how I developed as an artist, what I believe is the reason I continue on, and my Vision
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