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Portfolio Alan Jordan Lew

Portfolio Alan Jordan Lew

Alan Jordan Lew
Alan Jordan Lew
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  - Born in Houston, TX Feb. of 1977. Visual and Auditory artist. Been working with night photography and traditional collage for half my life. Stopped night photography when slide film became hard to find. Yet I really cant wait until I can afford a D-SLR. Music composer since 14. Scored a few local films then fell in love with the idea of modernism a...
[Biography - Alan Jordan Lew - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Born in Webster, TX Feb. of 1977 I started out doing classical music composition at 14. When I turned 17 Mixed Media collage came into my life as did the depression. A series of reoccuring nightmares plauged me towards the end of high school. The only way I could deal with the pressure of school & music was to open myself up visually. Now at 34 I s...
[Biography - Alan Jordan Lew - 3Ko - 2011]

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All I can say is excellent
All I can say about this is excellent. A+!
(George, 2 December 2015)