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3D Paintings.

Three - dimensional Paintings from acrylic colors and transparent resin. Video of Creating. Novik Olesya
1 апреля 2015

I am Artist from Ukraine Novik Olesya. I use unique Technology of creation Pictures - Sculptures by successive imposition of Layers acrylic colors and transparent Resin. 
Layer after a Layer a Picture grows while we will not get three-dimensional Image. An Image does not seem three-dimensional, it is three-dimensional and even has a Shadow.
It is possible to see an Object in all Foreshortening like on a hologram.
The Creating of one Painting usually takes 1 - 1,5 months.
First Time in the World You can see Portrait in original Size made like this! The creation of Pharaoh Face took 3.5 months. The picture has around 90 - 95 Layers.
The Process takes so much time, because after the layer colors and then a layer of transparent resin is necessary to wait 1-2 days until the resin hardens.
Photo of Paintings done on three Sides, allowing You to see the Difference in Image when the Angle of View changes.


Техника: Произведение Искусства : Акриловые Смолы На Холсте - Маслом В Холст - Масло В Холсте
Произведение Искусства добавлено : Добавлено 1 апреля 2015 - Добавлено 13 марта 2011

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