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Произведения Искусства от Anastasia Russa

Anastasia Russa - Three GracesThree GracesAnastasia Russa

The difference between young and old cannot be distinguished from looking at it from a distance. It seems that women are a kind of witch, who can be crones and young women simultaneously. If time was not perceived as a line it would happen this way.

Anastasia Russa - Paradise Frozen Paradise Frozen Anastasia Russa

Paradise Frozen. Since Adam and Eve’s expulsion the Paradise began to be sealed, frozen place. The snake leaves Paradise as well, his servants bring his clothes out, which fly everywhere, this is colorful clothes because we deal with the Knight of this World

Anastasia Russa - Catching Pokemon between the Jaguar and Ant-Eater struggleCatching Pokemon between the Jaguar and Ant-Eater struggleAnastasia Russa

Catching Pokemon between the Jaguar and Ant-Eater struggle.;I have made this painting Inspired by South-American mythology (I was reading Levi-Stross, that’s why there are three pairs of struggling jaguars and ant-eaters) and contemporary game PokemonGo. I don’t know what was more important to me ...