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Произведения Искусства от Yosef Reznikov и стиля Абстракция

Yosef Reznikov - Красочный Музыкальный  Композиция  9  Красочный Музыкальный Композиция 9 Yosef Reznikov

Geometric abstraction.;Geometric abstraction (other names - cold abstraction, logical, intellectual or geometric abstraction ) is a form of abstract art based on the use of geometric forms, sometimes, though not always, located outside the illusory space and combined into abstract, abstract composit...

Yosef Reznikov - Красочный Музыкальный  Композиция  40--THREE   украшает Красочный Музыкальный Композиция 40--THREE украшает Yosef Reznikov

WOMAN IN PAINTING. «2»;The image of a woman is often used in art, because she is the inspiration and muse of many creative people.;In art, there are eternal themes. One of them is the theme of women. Every era has its own ideal of a woman, the whole history of mankind is reflected in how people saw ...

Yosef Reznikov - Composition--Woman  с  Кувшины  --  Composition--Woman с Кувшины -- Yosef Reznikov

;People do not perceive abstractionism, because they are fixated on the fact that they must definitely see something in the picture. They saw a face, saw two figures, and went quietly to another picture. Or do they want to be filled with some thoughts by all means: they are constantly trying to fin...

Yosef Reznikov - Красочный Музыкальный  Композиция  72  Красочный Музыкальный Композиция 72 Yosef Reznikov

Abstract painting as visible music.;To talk about a picture, we must first decide what we see on it. And here for the critic and for any person considering abstract painting, the first difficulty arises: we cannot say what is depicted in the picture, everything is too abstract. It's good if in the i...

Yosef Reznikov - Красочный Музыкальный  Композиция  5  Красочный Музыкальный Композиция 5 Yosef Reznikov

Abstract painting in the interior;Abstract art can be considered the beginning of modern energy painting. Abstraction does not carry a specific meaning - it is sensations, emotions, and feelings. Such painting, unlike realism, affects the emotional and energetic state of a person instantly.;When you...