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Произведения Искусства темы Figura Imaginativa и содержащих слово anastasia russa, pintando sobre a tela, contempor������neo, figura imaginativa

Anastasia Russa - FirefoxFirefoxAnastasia Russa

Mozilla Firefox. Out of the fox’s tale there are Sumerian mythology coming out. Both Firefox and Sumerians are running up to the different sides. Apparently they cannot follow the same road.

Anastasia Russa - St. StephanSt. StephanAnastasia Russa

The struggle and affair of the Pink and Green, St. Stephan. Zodiacs are lost in the grass while the turtles Ninja are beating St.Stephan

Anastasia Russa - One day in NorfolkOne day in NorfolkAnastasia Russa

One day in Norfolk and at the same time this is the portrait of my friend Michael. He is sitting in the middle of a dog and struggle with the money signs flying on him. All these money are convertible. It is all happening on the English seacoast in Norfolk.

Anastasia Russa - Violet UniverseViolet UniverseAnastasia Russa

Violet Universe. Apart from abstraction, colour and fluidity of the paint, I was concerned by the little pixel journey, which appeared in the “women’s” company of giving birth Universe.

Anastasia Russa - Solitary lifeSolitary lifeAnastasia Russa

Wrestle in Solitude. Mixed being, the hybrid of the men and two-headed dragon placed in the purgatorial fire. This fire is all-pervading like apocalyptic fire, it comes through and cleans the air, water and other substances without destroying them.

Anastasia Russa - Three GracesThree GracesAnastasia Russa

The difference between young and old cannot be distinguished from looking at it from a distance. It seems that women are a kind of witch, who can be crones and young women simultaneously. If time was not perceived as a line it would happen this way.

Anastasia Russa - SusannaSusannaAnastasia Russa

This artwork named Susanna and Elders. Here I am working with the Old Testament narrative where I have changed its components. Elders turn into the mass-produced toys, but keeping their masculine qualities.

Anastasia Russa - Paradise Frozen Paradise Frozen Anastasia Russa

Paradise Frozen. Since Adam and Eve’s expulsion the Paradise began to be sealed, frozen place. The snake leaves Paradise as well, his servants bring his clothes out, which fly everywhere, this is colorful clothes because we deal with the Knight of this World

Anastasia Russa - CyberMother 2CyberMother 2Anastasia Russa

This artwork named CyberMother 2. Here I am exploring idea that Universe is feminine, which gives birth. It gives births to robots. Those of them who are in a good shape and “proper” are running up everywhere.;We look at the torso and the upper size of thighs. I was tempted to depict milk sprinklin...

Anastasia Russa - FacebookFacebookAnastasia Russa

This is Facebook. I love FB and involved into it so much by spending my time there. That’s why I decided to paint an artwork with the symbols and colours of this social net. Somebody escaped from the violet wave and somebody is fully covered by it. ;Also I would like to tell that I love overlapping ...