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Произведения Искусства от Bust Glass

Bust Glass -  wall lamp -the head of the wicked wolf.- wall lamp "the head of the wicked wolf." Bust Glass

a description of this art work is in my article 'a new glass technology ...' on this site.

Bust Glass -  mosaic wall lamp -Seahorse- mosaic wall lamp "Seahorse"Bust Glass

Lamp on the wall 'Sea horse' - I did this with my glass mosaic technology without a previously prepared base. The surface of the product - it's clean, shiny pieces of broken glass, lower by 1.5-2 mm. there is a layer of transparent plastic. The surface is rough, but does not hurt the fingers, it is ...

Bust Glass - Vague memoriesVague memoriesBust Glass

With this artwork, I wanted to show my admiration for the beauty of the human face. I think this is the main proof of the divine image and likeness of man. Perhaps visually only the face of a person is able to evoke in us the whole range of the most powerful emotions - pity, contempt, fear, love and...

Bust Glass - blown glass skullsblown glass skullsBust Glass

I represent for sale the author's work - a transparent crystal glass skull full-scale. It is executed from qualitative heat-resistant glass, it is filled in from within by very transparent reinforced plastic the colour cherry-amber, full impression cast crystal. The size - natural, weight - 5 kgs, h...

Bust Glass - бал должен быть Кристально жизнь размеромбал должен быть Кристально жизнь размеромBust Glass

'Dance ' , ( должно быть crystal ) , the live размеры , работать его is остановился потому что of the прекращение финансирования