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Portfolio Victor Onyshchenko

Portfolio Victor Onyshchenko

Victor Onyshchenko
Victor Onyshchenko
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Added March 16 2020
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Отдаленная берегам

зима 2013

Переулок в седневе

Подол . Киев

Зима в Kostobobrov

жизни Повсюду

церковь в Киев

начало самого летние

Старый дом


Беседка павильон в тем Зимний

Вечер в Украинка

Обухов . Среди зеленых озеру

Цветущие Zadesenye

над Днепр Река

Весна в Триполье

Дыхание весны

Зима на Kristers mountine

на Ветреный Горы

зима в тем Дерево

  - Born December 10, 1977 in Chernihiv (Ukraine), in the family of the artist Vyacheslav Onyshchenko. Thanks to my father, from childhood I was involved in the atmosphere of fine art. I watched the process of creating small and monumental works. I graduated from the department of painting of the Republican art secondary school. T.G. Shevchenko in the ...
[Biography - Victor Onyshchenko - 3Ko - 2020]

  - Victor born in Chernihiv, Ukraine, December 1977. Member of Artists union of Ukrine. Live and work in Kyiv. Works in a genre of a landscape and a subject painting. Prefers realism and impressionism. Education: Studied at T.G.Shevchenko State Art School and The National Academy of Fine Art and Archiecture, Kiev, Ukraine. Main Exhibitions: November 2...
[Biography - Victor Onyshchenko - 3Ko - 2017]

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just like in my homeland. I was born in a similar village in eastern Russia
(Toma, 28 October 2019)