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Portfolio Scott Andrew Spencer

Portfolio Scott Andrew Spencer

Scott Andrew Spencer
Scott Andrew Spencer
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  - Born 1970. (American abstract painter) Living in Los Angeles, California, Scott Spencer loves to listen to music while he paints. 'Classical music is great for the more cerebral pieces and good old rock and roll works best when I want to let the pain...
[Biography - Scott Andrew Spencer - 8Ko - 2008]

  - SAS Interview by Mike Hicks
a/v: Give us a little background: Where were you born? Where have you lived? Scott Spencer: I was born in Santa Monica, California, and haven't strayed too far since. I grew up in Huntington Beach, bounced around Orange County for awhile, and have be...
[Page - Scott Andrew Spencer - 7Ko - 2006]

Гостевая книга Scott Andrew Spencer

Très Très beau, votre palette de couleur ainsi que votre travail sont superbes. WOW encore. C'est différent des autres artistes, vraiment vous êtes talentueux.
(Marie-France Roy, 18 July 2007)
ArtsCad Art Critic
Spencer currently resides in Los Angeles. He began painting full-time after a brush with cancer in 1999. He paints on the second-story of his condominium while listening to music, drawing inspiration from everything around him, real and imaginary. He paints all day, and even into the early hours of night. He was admitted into the Pasadena Society o.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 24 February 2006)
congratulacioni questi dizenji sono meravigliozi.mandami qualke foto dei tuoi dizegni
(juli, 18 January 2006)
Hello Scott. Sumptuous paintings. And so many . . . too. So much to look at. Thank you. ...
Hello Scott. Sumptuous paintings. And so many . . . too. So much to look at. Thank you. Best-- Mark
([From Guestbook], 1 September 2005)