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Portfolio Nick Savides

Portfolio Nick Savides

Nick Savides
Nick Savides
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Уолл-стрит рано утром

Официантка купается в солнечном свете

Закат над Нью-Йоркской гавани


Шестой авеню Кино Дом

Фильм Дом ряд

долина монументов года в закат

Гранд-Каньон самого Йеллоустонский года в ВОСХОД 2

Гранд-Каньон самого Йеллоустонский года в ВОСХОД 3

Гранд-Каньон самого Йеллоустонский года в ВОСХОД 1

Гранд-Каньон года в закат

Сион - мимо тем к северу вилка Девственный Река

Бесплодный года в закат

Бесплодный года в ВОСХОД

  - Nick Savides learned to paint as a young child from his mother (an amateur painter) and never stopped. At Brandeis University , he studied under the New York figurative painter Paul Georges and learned formal composition and painting techniques. It w...
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  - Artist Statement
I find inspiration in the beauty of the world around me. The paintings that I make are representational, and they also tell a story. They are as much “about” what I see as what is going on inside me – they express a state of being. With Vermeer as an...
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Гостевая книга Nick Savides

Hey Nick your artwork is very fanastic and i love your life drawings.Bye and have a nice day
(Lutz, 22 March 2007)