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Portfolio Lucy Arnold

Portfolio Lucy Arnold

Lucy Arnold
Lucy Arnold
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  - After receiving a BA in biology from UCSC, Lucy started her own needlepoint design business with nation-wide distribution for 12 years. After her children were born, she focused on fine art, ranging from extreme realism to complete abstraction. Since 1994, her work has received numerous awards in juried exhibits. She has illustrated several childre...
[Biography - Lucy Arnold - 2Ko - 2020]

  - Lucy Arnold Artist Statement Life is inherently creative, yet I find that creating works of art with my own hands is essential. My soul is expressed and nourished simultaneously in this way. Inspiration comes to me from both the natural world and my ...
[Biography - Lucy Arnold - 12Ko - 2005]

Гостевая книга Lucy Arnold

I hope my previous message was received. Please let me know. It conecerned my wanting to find your needlepoint designs and how much I appreciate your work.
(patricia logan, 8 March 2012)
designs by lucy and your wok
What beautiful work. Thank you for creating them. I moved from Maryland two years ago without ever seeing your work at the National Institutes of Health. You can be certain that when I return to visit my son I will make a point of visiting your art pieces as well. Also, I enjoy needlepoint. Can I still find your designs?
(Patricia Logan, 8 March 2012)