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Portfolio Liana Horbaniuc

Portfolio Liana Horbaniuc

Liana Horbaniuc
Liana Horbaniuc
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тростник черепок

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История маленького принца

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Before The Storm

Глаз земле

происхождение самого тем мире

  - Je m’appelle Liana Horbaniuc, je suis roumaine, ma profession est ingénieur textile. Je peins depuis mon adolescence. Je vis actuellement au Maroc ou je travaille en formation des cadres du domaine textile. Par moment je sens le besoin de m’exprimer et je le fais le plus facilement par mon passe temps favori, en peignant. Des fois en huile d’autres...
[Biography - Liana Horbaniuc - 3Ko - 2012]

Гостевая книга Liana Horbaniuc

Calm and beauty! Sea charms.

(Garry, 11 September 2014)
Deeply dark - blue water! This artwork depicts all the power and beauty of the storm!

(Alfred, 3 September 2014)
Artist describe all the beauty of the autumn in this artwork. Autumn is thee most colorful season of.../...

(Lilly, 28 August 2014)
Autumn... It's so closed to us now! This picture expresses with rich colours tenderness and comfort!

(Victoria, 15 November 2013)
Such a bright and colorful painting, it is difficult to find words to describe how it is charming!!

(Monika, 15 November 2013)
hi! :D i just wanted to say that i realy love your drawings :)) keep on with the good work!! ;) my favourites would be: Volubilis, carnival world and shells 1 they're realy great and i wish you best of luck and inspiration in the near future:P
(simona, 11 January 2010)