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Portfolio Jose Mari Montesa

Portfolio Jose Mari Montesa

Jose Mari Montesa
Jose Mari Montesa
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совершенные концепции я

  - La Purisima Concepcion
Americans and Filipinos fought with all their might but the Japanese Imperial Air Force crushed Bataan. It was the start of Japanese invasion and colonization in the Philippines during World War II. The town of Malabon was not spared. Japanese occupi...
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  - A Patient Life
An old joke goes like this A mother went to the beach with her child. She arranged their things and sat on the beach towel. She opened her book and starts to read while her child run into the ocean and swam. After a few hours a big tidal wave rushes ...
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  - For Art's Sake
The freedom of expression has always reached the boundaries of morality. In visual arts it is categorized as pornography by the moralist and subversive by the authoritarian. But how can we distinguish a real art from a crap. Is there such thing as a ...
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  - Gallery Address: 4 Summer Drive Congressional Village, Quezon City. PHILIPPINES. Contact Number: +639172024658 email: cooljomari@yahoo.com Note: Gallery admission by appointment only.
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  - Art and Life
Of all the gifts God gave to man the finest is his free will. Second to life itself. It is the essence of man. It is what separates man from all the other creatures of God. By ones choice or action he is judged if he is worthy to be called the man cr...
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  - Jose Mari Montesa or Jo Mari is a Visual Artist by talent. He has Masters Degree in Business Administration, Accountancy is his profession and currently working in a bank. But his heart really belongs to the Art world. Since his boyhood he joined man...
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