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Portfolio Jiqun Chen

Portfolio Jiqun Chen

  - http://www.cnsteppe.com/go1_ecology_news_20120902.htm Nomadic crusader Global Times | September 06, 2012 By Yan Shuang go1_ecology_news_20120902.jpg Chen Jiqun's artistic career was inspired by his stint in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region during the Cultural Revolution. Photo: Guo Yingguang/GT Chen Jiqun has fond memories of 1967 when, during ...
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  - I have lived in the Mongolian steppe for more than ten years (1967-1980). I have been going back to Mongolia for the past few decades and I have been visiting Mongolia for a long time. There are 700 kinds of native pastures and many wild animals such as yellow sheep and swans. There are various cranes and wolves, and the nomads lived there for two ...
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  - Echoing Steppe Art Show 2019 Place: THE CULTURAL PALACE OF NATIONALITIES IN BEIJING, CHINA Time: May 26-31,2019 http://jiqunchen.com/2019artshow_chen.htm
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  - Painter devotes artistry to protecting enviroment in Inner Mongolia By Liu Hui / Chinadaily http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2017-07/10/content_30060670.htm The Ujimqin tribe has been living in Dong Ujimqin Banner of Xilin Gol League, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, practicing their old nomadic ways for ages. However, since the 19...
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  - Commemorate the 50th anniversary exhibition of Beijing educated youth to the countryside (1967-2017)...
Artist Profile Chen Jiqun, born in 1947. Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts middle school. In 1967 November went to Inner Mongolia a Ranch. He used to be full of ManduBaolige school art teacher. In 1980, he returned to Beijing to become a professional painter, who has held personal art exhibitions abroad and participated in exhibitions...
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  - Thank you for your letter Jiqun Chen's Page
Dear ArtsCad.com Team, Thank you for your concern and letter! My web site has a lot of my oil paintings and sketches, most of the work depicting the life of Mongolian grassland. Mongolian grassland is the most worthy of protection and tourism in the world, it is worth the modern human care, to purify our hearts. I will continue to update my work in...
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  - Once Echoing Steppe - Mongulia horse and pictures Jiqun Chen's Page
The first sketch - horse. webaite: http://163art.com/gallery_en_sketch3_116.htm "Once Prairie - old haunt and pictures ." I am a prairie winter , it was in 1967 , the snow-covered earth, endless stands of hay in the snow , put on a variety of dry bud and shall Mao swaying in the wind, yellow grassland near and distant faint the further away a light...
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  - Shopping Notice Welcome to 163art.com shopping at any moment, and we are on business full days. but you must advert to following Item: 1. Purchase our products minimum order is US$800. 2. Our painting price are include air-express cost. (with the exception of Special circumstance) 3. If you want wholesale my paintings, please email contact us. ( ji...
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  - Jiqun Chen's Art Works Jiqun Chen's Page
oil paintings from Steppe nomadic life and nature He attended the Art School Attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1963 to 1967 and advanced studies at the Xu Beihong Art Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1985 to 1987. He began his artistic creation about grassland scenery in 1967 when he was sent to East Ujumchin Banner, ...
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  - Chen Jiqun was born in China, 1947. He attended the Art School Attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1963 to 1967. Chen Jiqun moved to Inner Mongolia in 1967, a young man in search of adventure. The grasslands of Chen Jiqun’s youth live on in his paintings even if they continue to recede in reality. Vast landscapes filled with horses ga...
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  - Chen Jiqun was born in China, 1947. Chen's art site: ww.163art.com He attended the Art School Attached to the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 1963 to 1967 and advanced studies at the Xu Beihong Art Studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts from 19...
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Red robe
I like the girl in a red rode,very beautyful Artistic greatings, Kunstschilder Paul Gosselin - Menen-België
(Paul Gosselin, 9 January 2011)
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(yogendra kumar purohit, 23 July 2007)