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Portfolio Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek

Portfolio Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek

In November 2003 after their 1st European Art Tour 
Pygoya/USA (who coined the term Webism in 1997)
and Ingrid Kamerbeek/Germany founded the
Webism Group of Worldwide Artists - portraits and websites
Webism Group of Worldwide Artists with world time clock, long loading time

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Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek
Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek
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  - Ingrid Kamerbeek - artiste dans la 3ème génération. Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek et son grand-père (lh) et son père, tous les artistes. Ingrid Kamerbeek, né le 14 Mars 1952 à Gummersbach / Allemagne est un artiste de la 3ème génération. Elle a été formée par son grand-père, Mathias Dohle (1887 - 1966) et son père, Ulrich Dohle (1924 - 2002), deux anciens...
[Biography - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek - 3Ko - 2015]

  - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek and her grandfather (lh) and father, all artists. Ingrid Kamerbeek, born on March 14th, 1952 in Gummersbach/Germany is a 3rd generation artist. She was trained by her grandfather, Mathias Dohle (1887 - 1966) and her father, Ulrich Dohle (1924 - 2002), two former generation of artists. She ran galleries of her own in Kaarst (n...
[Biography - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek - 4Ko - 2014]

  - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany founder of WEBISM with PYGOYA Ingri...
As artist in 3rd generation Ingrid grew up with art. It's like breathing to her. She did oils, pastels, acryls, etc. - all that traditional stuff. In 1999 she discovered the computer as one more art tool. Today she loves to work "Mixed Media" and enjoys her collaboration with the WEBISM group artists. In November 2003 after their 1st European Art T...
[Page - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek - 5Ko - 2011]

  - 20 artists from all over the world show their art and thoughts about kisses and kissing at 'Helmspark-Galerie' Seevetal. Two VIP WEBISM members from the 'WEBISM Group of Worldwide Artists' curated the show: Johanna Renate Wöhlke - http://ww.johanna-r...
[Announcement - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek - 3Ko - 2009]

  - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek - Artist, Webist
  Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya), USA and Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany founded the Webism Group of Worldwide Artists in 2003. Ingrid runs the headquarter of Webism in Sonthofen, Germany.   Mathias, Ulrich and Ingrid Dohle - 3 generation of artists!!  
[Page - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek - 2Ko - 2009]

  - One of the 6 images (all originals) on show in November 2006 real life show "Computerpaintings" at Innovationszentrum Wiesenbusch, Wiesenbusch 2, D-45966 Gladbeck/Germany. Webist Arno Signarowski organized and curated the show. http://ww.innovationsz...
[Announcement - Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek - 2Ko - 2006]

Гостевая книга Ingrid Dohle Kamerbeek

evevry time i think you are a master artsit & professional . & every time i enjoy from look your artwork.
(habibollah aghamohammadi, 25 December 2006)