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Portfolio Cezean Mat

Portfolio Cezean Mat

Cezean Mat
Cezean Mat
Произведение Искусства добавлено
Added November 28 2015
Техника: Произведение Искусства
Темы: Произведение Искусства
Стили: Произведение Искусства
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  - I grew up in Southern Mediterranean among beautiful orange orchards and olive trees in a small village. We lived self-sustaining life style where nothing was wasted. They had love, compassion, and appreciation for all living creatures that influenced me greatly throughout my life. I was allowed to explore a world that had great adventures to be dis...
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“We should celebrate our collective achievements which brought us to this point in time to tolerate and respect differences among each other, rather than crush each other dreams, allow each one of us flourish within our dreams.”
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So many colors
So many bright colors. I love the style of this as well.
(Eden, 14 December 2015)