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Portfolio Abramovich Patricia

Portfolio Abramovich Patricia

Patricia Abramovich is such a unique and innovative painter, using knives instead of paint brushes. I like her solid strokes and bright colors that define each and every one of her awe-inspiring works. Her wide spectrum of topics, from nature and landscapes, to abstract and still life, and her varying styles of abstract, expressionism, and original painting, touches the mind, heart, and senses and brings them to greater heights.
Abramovich Patricia
Abramovich Patricia
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  - Dear artlover I don t use this site too much these last years Please enter my new artshop in the link below http://abramovich-patricia-artshop.myshopify.com I hope you will like it and you can buy online if you find the artwork you like
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2013]

  - Exhibition at the Colorida gallery Lisbon Portugal Abramovich Patricia's Page
A beautiful catalog from the exhibition I am glad to share with you this proffessional catalog from my exhibition at the Colorida Gallery in Lisbon Portugal enter the link below and enjoy... http://www.colorida.biz/PatriciaAbramovich/
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2012]

  - You like my art? Make an offer.... Abramovich Patricia's Page
Read carefully I know I have a lot of visitors in this site. If you like my art ,you can ask for more details ,make an offer or just leave a comment in my guestbook. All the artworks are for sale...
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2011]

  - This is my new blog .I ll be glad if you follow it so you can stay updated. At the matter of fact you can write in my blog or here in my guest book. If any artwork is your taste just make an offer ... Thank you http://abramovichbpatricianews.blogspot.com/
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2011]

  - Photos from my last exhibition Abramovich Patricia's Page
Together like a string in gallery Ephrat Tel Aviv Enjoy http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2068929804690.2124835.1288186328
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - Some pictures from the opening at the Ephrat Gallery in Tel Aviv http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2068929804690.2124835.1288186328&l=bc0ea47f12
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - http://www.behance.net/gallery/Together-like-a-stringGroup-exhibitionEfrat-gallery/1319637
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - http://www.abstractartistgallery.org/main-gallery/ I am glad to share with you a new abstract art online gallery where you can meet great artists from all around the world. Find my page there......
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - http://slowartartrom2011.eventbrite.com/ I am glad to be a part of the SLOWART DAY at the ARtom Gallery.Rome
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - http://www.artromevents.com/womeninthearts.htm A great event in Artrom Gallery ,Rome Italy. Find my artworks and enjoy
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - A new clip of my art .tell me if you like it..Thank you! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qE-HG0kxSA
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - Yesterday was the opening party of the exhibition "women in the arts " at the Atrom gallery in Rome Look at the link below http://www.artromgallery.com/aps/artist_presentation_space.htm
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - My last exhibition at the Yaffo Museum Abramovich Patricia's Page
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2011]

  - my current exhibition Abramovich Patricia's Page
article http://www.absolutearts.com/artsnews/2010/11/30/36276.html
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2010]

  - My next exhibition is a group one at the Gallery Gora in Montreal Canada www.gallerygora.com
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2010]

  - winner of an art contest Abramovich Patricia's Page
I won an artist page in "artist ID' book http://www.modernartcom.com/Artists_ID_art_book/artists_ID_22-23.html
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2010]

  - Awards Abramovich Patricia's Page
My artwork yellow flowers won in a competition http://www.artslant.com/la/artists/show/53630-patricia-abramovich?tab=AWARDS
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 1Ko - 2010]

  - Artrom gallery Abramovich Patricia's Page
Elizabeth the gallery owner says Elizabeth the owner of Artrom Gallery: Patricia is a "natural" artist in the sense that, she believes and uses with skill, the process of connecting her inner-self to her materials the paints, the brushes, the canvas. She allows an open pathway for the visual expression of her sentiments at the moment, the transfor...
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2010]

  - About myself Abramovich Patricia's Page
I will tell you about my artist life in these pages. Dear visitors I wanted to tell you some facts about my artist life. I live in israel for 37 years .I am married and have two big children I have been working as a team manager in a financial business for 32 years.14 years ago I was not satisfied about my work and felt anxious I thought learning s...
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 3Ko - 2010]

  - As a teenager I loved drawing portraits and playing the piano. I emigrated from Paris, France to Israel in 1972. Two years later I married to Boris who came from Lithuania. And we have two wonderful children. I have been working as a team manager in financial business for many years. In 1996 I started private painting lessons and fell in love with ...
[Biography - Abramovich Patricia - 12Ko - 2010]

  - About myself and my art vision Abramovich Patricia's Page
Please connect with questions or comments Dear visitors and artlovers I have been painting for many years and since 2006 ,I feel I reached the art style I live well with.Years and hours of painting exercises brought my art to what you see today.I love painting and colors. All my artworks are original oil paintings or aquarelles. I use a knife to mi...
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 3Ko - 2010]

  - I am glad to to Invite you to a Group exhibition at the Artists Haven Gallery http://www.artistshavengallery.com/exhibit/upcomingexhibits1.php From the 1 Of April until the 30th
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2010]

  - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoFUGdAPlc0&feature=related A film from the florence bienalle You can see my wall there at the 5.28 minute Enjoy
[Announcement - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2010]

  - SALES OPTIONS Abramovich Patricia's Page
all my atworks are for sale and can be shipped in the all world I will be glad to send my artworks after payment is certified. My artworks are streched and ready to hang. They are very well packed and can be shipped in a few days. Some are not stretched and can be sent rolled. Clients not satisfied with their purchase will be allowed to return thei...
[Page - Abramovich Patricia - 2Ko - 2010]

Гостевая книга Abramovich Patricia

I want to eat it! I love this visual feast with it's double serving of depth and textures; the use of the knife really brings out the lightness of the flower petals. Love it.
(Rusty, 12 January 2010)
Patricia Abramovich is such a unique and innovative painter, using knives instead of paint brushes. I like her solid strokes and bright colors that define each and every one of her awe-inspiring works. Her wide spectrum of topics, from nature and landscapes, to abstract and still life, and her varying styles of abstract, expressionism, and original.../...
(John Deterring, 19 October 2009)