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Portfolio Robin Zilberg

Portfolio Robin Zilberg


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Пернатый Леди

  - Some exciting news, with an upcoming art show at the Dundas Valley School of Art as a featured artist driven by a wonderful ooportunity as a fundraiser for Kehila Jewish Day school in Hamilton Ontario, being held on May 15, 2014
[Announcement - Robin Zilberg - 2Ko - 2014]

  - I am thrilled to announce an upcoming show of my art along side with the opening of the Jewish Film Festival in Hamilton Ontario on December the 5 and 6th 2009 at the Westside Concert Theater on King Street.
[Announcement - Robin Zilberg - 1Ko - 2009]

  - I am happy to announce that my mother, a great artist and I will be working on a combined presentation of our works for public viewing - date to be announced in the near future, thank you
[Announcement - Robin Zilberg - 1Ko - 2009]

  - Art From My Heart
Through my eyes is the window to a dream reality, life is ..wonderful how each of us can fill in the blanks and create the life we choose. Creating has touched my heart for as long as I can remember. I find my Neshama soaring as I start off with blan...
[Page - Robin Zilberg - 2Ko - 2007]

Гостевая книга Robin Zilberg

Ms. Zilberg's ouvre
Stunning and beautiful. The power of these works is communicated even in two dimensional form across the internet. That the gift has flowed from its source through the artist to the canvas or medium is a humbling reminder of from where all gifts come; the Blessed Ein Sof. The Creator. HaKodesh Borechu. The artist is as much a blessing as her work..../...
(Richard, 16 February 2009)
love this space will send out to everyone I know. So proud of you !!!! Rach
(rachel, 30 August 2007)

Robin Zilberg

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