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Portfolio Monique Deleu

Portfolio Monique Deleu

Monique Deleu
Monique Deleu

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Fine art by Monique Deleu Oeuvres de Monique Deleu Monique Deleu Monique Deleu Monique Deleu Monique Deleu Monique Deleu Monique Deleu Monique Deleu

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  - monique deleu, born monique Laroy Born in belgium in 1938 Study Physio therapy and worked in the United states one year in Red Bank New jersey, for Dr Heyman Then I became an air hostess at sabena world airlines for 15 years, and married pilote Jean Deleu My mother was a painter Germaine Mot, and I always was inspired by her work, and realy admired...
[Biography - Monique Deleu - 2Ko - 2010]

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Lovely art work!
I adore your art work! it has a lot of love and happiness! I wish you and Jean a wonderful new life in Belgium! much love
(Viviana Luengo, 3 July 2012)
Finding lost relatives
Hello Momique - was wondering if your husband was related to Julian De Leu, my dad. Coincidently, my daughter is an airline pilot to - but am trying to find relatives I've wondered about for years, Thanks, Nancy
(Nancy DeLeu Spircoff, 29 May 2010)