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Portfolio Eva Kudukhashvili

Portfolio Eva Kudukhashvili


, , ходить казбеги "
песня самого ЛЮБОВЬ
,, У нас будет много детей, внуков, правнуков '
Обнаженное масло в Картон
'Полевые цветы'
,, Осетии танец Симд
"Lake Zonkari "
'Реструктуризация в Советском Союзе'
'Лес рядом Алагир'
,, озеро Nadarbazev
"Nino " 50x60 . ''
,, утро '
"Adam & Eva''
“ciliated ночь в sea” . oil на cardboard . 75x55cm . 2000y . $32000
'Мой старый двор' 60x60.oil на фанеру;. 2011y $ 35000
'Биг-Бен». Масла cardboard.70x50.cm.2011y. $ 20000
“ Love” . oil на cardboard . 65x60cm . 2012y . $22000
“white moon” . oil на cardboard . 50x60 . см . 2001y . $30000
танца 'Samaia' картон, масло

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Grigori Klimovicki
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  - Urgently,Urgently,Urgently I sell 100 painting for 100, 000. 00 euros Term 3 days who has a MIND in his head AND MONEY CALL ME evalondon@bk.ru +995555501292
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  - Biography Biography of Eva Yelizarova Kudukhashvili 1951 - Eva Yelizarova-Kudukhashvili was born in the village Tsitelubani of Gori district of Georgia. Her mother, Nadia Yelizarova - an ethnic Jew, father, Vladimir (Lado) Kudukhashvili - a descendant of Scythian and Sarmatian princes. Eva has recently discovered that she had royal origin. Accordin...
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Eva Kudukhashvili From childhood until today is the day I draw, I love painting more than himself. My life is entirely devoted to creativity, I live only for art. I once saw an amazing dream, in a dream that Leonardo da Vinci took me out of the ocean out of water, raised the island to yourself and hugged when I woke up I realized that I was blessed...
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I'm a Winner, http://www.in3artworldwide.com/discover-december-2016 Great Thanks International Initiatives Invitational - Art Worldwide. they do everything so that the world and the idol of the art of seeing the works of contemporary artists.
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  - My paintings are my soul' s universe.Their unaccustomed coloursand 'nonclassical'forms,and combinations of shadesopen to those who look at them the world such as i see poetig,romantig,delightfulit and suffused with optimism.while painting,i am happy andoverwhelmedwith joy thet iwholeheartedly try to share withviewers.their words of gratitude and ad...
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  - I am Eva Elizarova-Khukhashvili, painter. I was born in in Gori, in the village Tsitelubani, Georgia. I graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts faculty of painting . I have created my own movement in art, that is called Cosmo Expressionism. It is my painting created by pure colours by one breath and quick strokes. Life is short but art is ever...
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  - Focus (Enfocate). We would like introduce an outstanding emerging artist with a very unique and strong expressionistic style. Her name is Eva Elizarova Kudukhashvili, from Tibilisi, Georgia. Eva's expressionistic style and her sensitivity to creative expressions contains breath taking graphic imaginary and real live images filled with intensive hu...
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  - Eva Eleazar Kudu(Khukhashvili) is well-known artist who has based COSMO EXPRESSIONISM .
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  - My painting is a miracle and I have called this miracle GOSMIC EKSPRESS . in my paintings you can find life compositions, what I see and feel, each painting has its owns history. great energy, beauty, air, wetness, colour brightness, movement, sounds,pureness of mastekhin, mixing colours. my former painters did not have these emotions and and creat...
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  - Cosmo Expressionizm. Страница Eva Kudukhashvili
My style of art in person at the painting I named as Cosmo Expressionism. Since childhood, I paint , I devoted my life to art, I feel so good when I'm painting, I wear very clean and beautiful when I start painting. My workshop is for me a saint. where I can create my interesting and a bright picturesque pictures. I have many years of doing sketche...
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  - http://ww.eva-si.narod.ru Natasha Yodonceva. Eva Elizarova-Kudukhashvili - Honored Artist of Russia Once a gallery owner told me the Central House of Arts was hosting an exhibition of paintings by a wonderful artist from Georgia Eva Elizarova-Kudukha...
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Гостевая книга Eva Kudukhashvili

your works are so bright, thank you so much!
(Mila, 15 January 2016)
This is astonishing work. I am proud of you for this.
(Emilee, 16 December 2015)

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