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Portfolio Andy Housham

Portfolio Andy Housham

Andy Housham
Andy Housham

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Added June 30 2007
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  - Andy meets world renowned artist Zacron, (creator of the cover album of Led Zeppelin II album in 1970). Exhibition "No more heroes" at Attic Art Gallery, Bury, Lancashire, England now (Aug/Sept 2007) Exhibition at Gainsborough Trinity Arts Centre, Li...
[Biography - Andy Housham - 2Ko - 2007]

  - I was guest artist at the Riverside Festival, Gainsborough in 2004. The theme was the 60s, so excuse the outfit I'm wearing! In 2006 I was commissioned to produce a mural of fighter planes for the 1940s tea-room at an Antiques Centre. I have had work...
[Announcement - Andy Housham - 2Ko - 2007]

  - My work is inspired by my interest in music, movies, comics, culture and pop art. Some of my work has fine-art realism and other pieces are created using collage and acrylic paint on canvas. The collage pieces are well chosen pieces of magazine or ne...
[Biography - Andy Housham - 2Ko - 2007]