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Portfolio Alfred Lapiana

Portfolio Alfred Lapiana

Alfred Lapiana
Alfred Lapiana

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Fine art by Alfred Lapiana Oeuvres de Alfred Lapiana Alfred Lapiana Alfred Lapiana Alfred Lapiana Alfred Lapiana Alfred Lapiana Alfred Lapiana Alfred Lapiana

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  - Alfred La Piana was born and raised in New York and has lived in El Paso for 20 years where he has since acquired an art degree and a master’s degree as an instructional specialist. He studied art in France, Italy and the United States. In Italy, he studied under the private instruction of Galipoli, and gave two exhibits in the halls of one of Ital...
[Biography - Alfred Lapiana - 3Ko - 2015]

  - Alfred La Piana est né et a grandi à New York et a vécu à El Paso pendant 20 ans où il a depuis acquis un diplôme d'art et d'un diplôme de master en tant que spécialiste d'enseignement. Il a étudié l'art en France, en Italie et aux états-Unis. En Italie, il a étudié sous l'instruction privée de Galipoli, et a donné deux expositions dans les salles ...
[Biography - Alfred Lapiana - 3Ko - 2015]

Гостевая книга Alfred Lapiana

You do such great work. Keep it up.
(Hilary A. Petes, 7 October 2015)
Astonishing power of the water! Obviously, it's masterly painted Artwork!

(Sophia, 1 September 2014)