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My digital works.

Attempt to recover as many as possible my digital works. Gianantonio Marino Zago
3 апреля 2018

In 1999 I started producing digital works.
To date, I do not even know how many I have done. 1,000,2000,3000? Who knows?
In all this time I changed many PCs and notebooks.
In doing so, I lost many of them on the street.
Now I'm collecting them from sites, units and more and group them in video on
Youtube. In this way I hope that anyone can see them for a long time.

Стили: Произведение Искусства : Фото - Фотореализм - Цифровое - Портретная - Тезисы
Техника: Произведение Искусства : Фото - Фотосъемка - Цифровое

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