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My Goal This Summer

My goal this summer is to find homes, that is to sell, at least 10 of my art quilts. Katrina Sjoberg
10 июля 2014

Sometimes, in an artist's process, one must pause and reflect on what is happening to the creative flow. I have now been in such a phase for about a year. Many other things have happened in my life which made it very hard to create new art pieces. Whether it is the material, the inspiration, the techniques or just circumstances, it has been an unusual time for me. I have been sewing and creating full speed for over 10 years and maybe I need to have this break. 
I look at my art pieces and I love them all. I value the time it took to create a piece, the inspiration, the thought, the planning, the cutting, the designing, the piecing together, the sewing, solving problems with construction etc.  How can others not value and appreciate this process?
As far as my goal, I'm happy to say that two of the art works on these pages have been sold so far and I'm thrilled!
Enjoy the summer, and the rest of the year! Cool

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