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Manufacture's Price

I was inspired to write this short humorous after buying a new car. When I was making the decision to buy the car, I mad it on the sicker price on the window. Fine out after the deal was mad,and two hour late,me and a friend found out by studying the paper work,the dealer ship charge me 4000.00 dollar above the sticker price. Surealworld Illustrations
17 мая 2012

A man is on road trip to go visit his bother and his family, for a few days.
He has been driving for five hour with out a bite to eat,so he feeling famished , and pulls off the highway and in to a Giant food store's parking lot.   
    He get out of his car and run in to the grocery stores like his pants' are 0n fire,and he looking for the bathroom to dunk him self in the toilet to put out the fire.
     Once in side the store and he finds him self in a empty aisle, he pull out his wallet from his trouser's  pocket to find out how much money he has to spend on something to eat.    He open up his wallet and to his surprise  he only has five dollar left in his wallet.   So he figures he will go to the snack aisle and grab a bag of potato chips which will probably only coast $ 3.00.
     So with snack in hand he step up to the Express  Check Out Line, and while waiting his  turn in line ,his mouth is watering about the thought of digging into those chip.   Because by now he so hungry he is ready to bite a Water buffalo ass.
   When it's his turn in the line, the man hands the cashier the bag of Potato chips and the five dollar out of his wallet.    The cashier rigs up the chips and tells the man,
" That will be $50.00 dollar please."
The  famished man almost faint with shock ,of hearing this price of the potato chips,and ask the Cashier," what are you trying to pull slick?    " The price on the bag is $2.00."
   The Cashier replies, " Sir that price on the bag is the Manufacturers suggested retail price ."
 The angry famished man ask the Cashier," What do you think you are? "'   
" A Car Sale Man at a dealership! "
The Cashier replies, " You must be a traveling  Psychic !     This is my part time job.

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo  May 13, 2012

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