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Freedom To Fly

A poem about freedom is a gift not a privilege. Surealworld Illustrations
4 апреля 2012

Freedom to fly
Is a God given gift
Dreaming  is as air is for living
Flowing down from His highly exalted throne

Freedom to fly
Is not a privilege granted
By rulers who's  realm of authority is ground bound

Knowledge of wrong and right
Is revealed to us
From The Righteous One
Who dwells in a kingdom on high

Knowledge of wrong and wright
Should not be dictated by corruptible judges
Who suppress the truth
For worldly praise

Freedom to fly
Is a desire
Like an unquenchable fire
A pilot that God  ignited in side us
When He created you and me

Chains of sin
Robs us of the freedom to fly
Keeps our souls sinking in the mire

God so full of love
Out of His nature of grace and mercy
Sent from His throne room a Savor to the people of the ground
To shatter the chains that keep us fastened to the gates
To the entrance of the lake of fire

Freedom to fly
Those who God has set free is free indeed
 Free to Fly on the Spirit wings
That one day will carry them to God's kingdom in the sky

For those who think the message and Gift of God is a bad joke
They will fabricate their own myths of hope
Like the Greek Character Icarus
They will try to acquire their own way to fly
They will create wings out of wax and feathers
As they Fly toward the kingdom in the sky
The Son will melt their wings

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo   Feb 18 2012

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