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Cinderella Fellow

A Poem about how outward dress can hide the real person. Surealworld Illustrations
4 апреля 2012

Cinderella Fellow
Cinderella Fellow

Once upon a dreary day
He had to appear before a jury
To see if he would be hand over to zoo keeper
To be sentenced to captivity in a cage
or put on a leash until he earned his freedom

Cinderella Fellow   
Cinderella Fellow

He dressed his best
to impress the jury
That he was tame
not insane

Just a victim of mistaken identity

Cinderella Fellow   
Cinderella Fellow

He hoped in to his chariot
To make his journey to appear before the court
Along the way
he stop off in the market place
To purchase a potion mad from a magical bean
That would Energies him with the power of caffeine
In market place
every maiden's eye was caught in a trance
by his fancy sport coat,tie,and pants
Every maiden he passed
showered him will flowery Compliments

Cinderella Fellow   
Cinderella Fellow

When the jury was held
The King Of Kings pulled the strings of the hearts of the noble of the court
To show mercy
To grant Cinderella Fellow the privilege to remain free

Cinderella Fellow   
Cinderella Fellow

The next day he hoped into his truck to make his way to the market place
Along the way he stopped  off at Wawa  to purchase a cup of Joe
He cheerfully greeted every fair lady He passed
The fair lady were all deaf and blind to his existence
As if  he and them were existing in two different dimension
At first he found their reaction to him to be lame and very strange
Then he saw his reflection in a picture window
He no long wore his fancy sports coat,tie,and pants
that caught every maiden's eye
holding them in a trance
causing them to shower him with flowery  Compliments

He was wearing humble faded jeans and a cheap T-shirt

Now Cinderella Fellow knows what it feel like when a book is judge by it's cover
Not by the story that is written on the pages inside

Cinderella Fellow   
Cinderella Fellow

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo April 1, 2012

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