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Lock Your Windows,Doors,And Hide Under Your Bed

Humorous short story, how foul language cause miscommunication. Surealworld Illustrations
24 апреля 2011

I wrote this short humorous story , be cause so many people sound unintelligent by their use of foul language in every conversation they have with some one. This is such a cultural problem,that in the movie Star Trek The Journey Home,Captain Kirk Tell Spock that People use foul language so other people will listen to what they have to say.

A man work in a warehouse ,and he is filing some paper work ,when he overhears a conversation between one of his fellow worker and a manager from a different department. The manager is upset because something he ordered had disappeared from the ware house. So The manger and the warehouse co work come to the conclusion that some one else stole his order when they came to pick up their own.
In anger the Manger blurt out, " Those Mother Fuckers struck again!"
The man who is file the paper work run up to his coworker with a distressed look on his face,and asks, " Can I barrow your cell phone ? It's argent I call my mother at once!"
His co work asks with a puzzle look in his eye, " What wrong ?"
The man who was filing the paper work replies,"I want to warn my mother that she is in danger ! She need to go home and lock her windows , doors,and hide under her bed."
His co work asks, "why is your mother in danger?"
The man filing the paper work replies, " I heard that there are Mother Fuckers on the loose, and they have struck again!"

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo April 16, 2011

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