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Package Inspector

This Humorous short story,focuses on a not so funny trend that is taking place in many youth programs. These programs are designed to help children learn skills that will help them be out stand adult citizen. But people who are of immoral persuasion try to use these same programs to corrupted our youth. Surealworld Illustrations
24 апреля 2011

Two friends take their families on a joint camping trip. Their wives and children have turn in for the night. The two friends are sitting around a camp fire, drink a few beers and polishing off the rest of a bag of marshmallows.
The two men are sharing their favorite memories of growing up.
The first Guy tells his friend," My favorite memory was being in the Boy Scouts.
They taught me a lot of useful skills, like camping,survival skills,how to be a good citizen."
He turn to his friend and asked , " Didn't you once tell me you were also in the Boy Scouts ? "
The second Guy replies, " Yes I was was in the Boy Scouts for a little while,and I enjoyed all the things you mentioned,but something happened and I quit !
The first Guy asks,"What happed ?"
The second Guy replies, "Well one summer at a camp jamboree , I was in the out house taking a leek. A Scout leader came in and was taking a leek next to me. I look up to notice the Scout leader looking down at my member, with a glint of excitement in his eye,and a smile of expectation on His face!"
First guy asked with suspense in his voice," What did you do?"
The second guy Replied, "I look up at him, and asked, Why are you inspecting my package ? Your not wearing a U.P.S . Uniform, and please don't you dare ask me ,What can Brown do for me !!!"

Written by Stephen J. Vattimo April 3,2011

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