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Artist's statement

I practice ‘relationship of cogitation’ from connection with God to process of realizing society that I’ve been experienced. Therein lie afraid of reality and desire to eternal-life both collide inner –self so I cope with the action for expression amplifiable.


Soaking materials in colors substitute the brush such as jeans, bag, neat, and more. That I cast on the fabric. Not long after that I faced on traces of confusion. It seems like I’ve whirled.

Later, I do cutting the fabric and sawing by hand for reconstitution of the new form.


The form like that I’ve established ego in abstraction until in 2009.

So, I’ve solo exhibition ‘beyond the world’ that confirm identity in God.

Becoming in 2010, my work’s changed to representational. Because I expanded viewpoint the real image from stay in me. Thereby I hope sense of belonging in society.


So now I deal with human’s emotion in distinct shape I’ve feeing. For sometimes put on cotton in canvas processing to make one shape. As time goes by the product will dangle volume, lie on dust and dimness colors as human’s skin. In that probably my work will assimilate with nature like instinctively return to dust.


Therefore, my work will adapt in nature providence with psychological operation according to something more I meet with.





Kim Young-Mi

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Стили: Произведение Искусства : Абстрактный Экспрессионизм
Темы: Произведение Искусства : Абстракция - Экспрессионизм - Забирать
Техника: Произведение Искусства : Абстракция - Забирать
Произведение Искусства добавлено : Добавлено 25 июня 2010 - Добавлено 21 июня 2010 - Добавлено 20 июня 2010