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Tate Sisters Review

'Words and Pictures' (2003) The Tate Sisters at The Pool, 104 Curtain Road, Shoreditch, London Tate Sisters
13 сентября 2006

The Tate sisters opened a show of their new work at the Pool Bar in Shoreditch last week. Having worked together in London since 1997, their trademark style of recent years has been the incorporation of words onto the painted surface, something carried on in their new work here. They've created works from different coloured panels of canvas, each panel containing a stencil, such as lots of hearts in their 'Love Fool', or a solid bright block of colour, or type-writer style text directly onto the canvas. The result are quirky colourful pieces from afar, that when inspected closer reveal heartfelt messages and poetry in the text.
This is their fifteenth exhibition; they've converted the ground floor of their house into a gallery and use it regularly to hold shows of their latest work. It seems to be quite a popular thing to do these days, and it takes away the stuffy sterile atmosphere many galleries can create. And the Tate sisters work is anything but stuffy. It's bright and quirky and that odd combination of fun yet serious. The opening night was a lively affair, well the Pool bar is right in the middle of bar-central Shoreditch - and let's just hope no drunken pool cues end up going through any canvases during a trick shot.
It's always nice to see siblings working so closely together, like the Chapman brothers, the Tate sisters' paintings always have that unexplained working mystery behind it. Who does what and how do they inspire each other. And do they ever fight like cats and dogs over work because they're allowed to? I'm sure they do, but it was all smiles when we met them, and everyone got given a little badge with Tate and their toilet lady logo on it. So forget Modern or Britain, for this week it's Sisters....





Hannah Watson

Tate Sisters

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