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Произведения Искусства от Bust Glass

Bust Glass - Blown glass sculpture -She- (Creators)Blown glass sculpture "She" (Creators)Bust Glass

Once I learned about the hypothesis of the existence around our planet of a special storehouse of spiritual energy - the noosphere, where people's souls 'take' at birth and where they 'fly off' after death. So it is with the vital energy of all life around us. And all this noosphere is located as if...

Bust Glass - Vague memoriesVague memoriesBust Glass

With this artwork, I wanted to show my admiration for the beauty of the human face. I think this is the main proof of the divine image and likeness of man. Perhaps visually only the face of a person is able to evoke in us the whole range of the most powerful emotions - pity, contempt, fear, love and...

Bust Glass - blown glass skullsblown glass skullsBust Glass

I represent for sale the author's work - a transparent crystal glass skull full-scale. It is executed from qualitative heat-resistant glass, it is filled in from within by very transparent reinforced plastic the colour cherry-amber, full impression cast crystal. The size - natural, weight - 5 kgs, h...

Bust Glass - бал должен быть Кристально жизнь размеромбал должен быть Кристально жизнь размеромBust Glass

'Dance ' , ( должно быть crystal ) , the live размеры , работать его is остановился потому что of the прекращение финансирования