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Portfolio Sergio Milani

Portfolio Sergio Milani

Sergio Milani
Sergio Milani

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Fine art by Sergio Milani Oeuvres de Sergio Milani Sergio Milani Sergio Milani Sergio Milani Sergio Milani Sergio Milani Sergio Milani Sergio Milani

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  - Biografhy In his father's workshop he learned the first notion of wood working practicing and acquiring the various ones techniques of material processing,he graduated in the artistic field becoming a teacher of artistic subjects and collaborating for over thirty years with the most famous italian toy industries, designing and creating prototypes i...
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The shipment of the works is carried out with: Express mail service through the Italian Post Office "Express Mail Service". Delivery in Europe 2/4 days. Delivery extra Europe 10 days, for the preparation of customs documentation, invoice and export certification of Fine Arts. Pack with double pack sealed, shockproof and moisture.
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