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Portfolio Scenic Artist And Painter

Portfolio Scenic Artist And Painter

Scenic Artist And Painter
Scenic Artist And Painter
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  - I am freelance scenic artist and painter (1952) living in Prague, Czech Republic. Working long time at Barrandov Studios the biggest film industry area in the heart of Europe. P articipated and co-operated in many English, American and French movies. I can offer a huge variety of styles in painting of murals, interiors and exteriors, backdrops or d...
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  - Přehled / Overview on.. THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE http://ww.imdb.com/name/nm14080 38/
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your work is phenomenal
thoroughly enjoyed your portfolio. I am a large scale mural artist also ... and seek high quality work anywhere in the world. Classical Renaissance themes to Contemporary Abstracts. I enjoy it all. if you need an assistant, or a partner on a particularly large project, please consider my brush. You can view samples of my work at www.artwanted.com/e.../...
(John Enright, 9 May 2010)