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Portfolio Phil Dynan

Portfolio Phil Dynan

Martine - Original acrylicColour, Simplicity & Communication
Phil Dynan
Phil Dynan

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  - An Adventure in Furlandia Phil Dynan's Page
A new collaborative painting series by Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson The latest painting series from Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson explores the adventures of Moto and Kozo, two black cats, as they travel around the world. This world they travel is about animals and the shops and restaurants they visit are owned and run by and for animals. They ...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 2Ko - 2017]

  - Electronica vs Art Phil Dynan's Page
Phil Dynan is in the midst of a new collaborative series of paintings that focus on the use of electronic devices in an art or natural setting. The paintings are a collaboration with Anastasia Nelson and several photographers and models. "Electronic vs. Art" is the title of a new series of collaborative paintings with Anastasia Nelson. The series b...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 3Ko - 2013]

  - Barnyard Animals Phil Dynan's Page
Whimsical and colourful farm animals are the subject of my latest paintings. But they are much more than that. They are the animals that live with us here in Northern California. And the paintings are a collaboration between Anastasia Nelson and Phil Dynan. "Barnyard Animals" is the current series of paintings by Phil Dynan and Anastasia Nelson. Th...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 3Ko - 2011]

  - An Exmination of the New Plein Air art of Phil Dynan. By Lorena Bowser Phil Dynan's Page
The New Plein Air: An examination of the plein air impressionist paintings by Phil Dynan Plein air painting has always been one of the most appreciated of artists’ milieus. Notwithstanding my appreciation for the importance of this tradition and the best artists in the genre, every time I see a lovely plein air painting now, I am struck by the impr...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 3Ko - 2010]

  - Plein Air: Un examen critique Phil Dynan's Page
Un examen critique de l'art de Phil Dynan. par Lorena Bowser Un des milieux le plus apprécié par les artistes a toujours été la peinture "pleine aire." Ne voulant pas écarter l’importance de la tradition et des meilleurs artistes dans le genre, chaque fois que je vois une belle peinture pleine aire aujourd’hui, ce n’est pour moi que « déjà vu. » On...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 4Ko - 2010]

  - The New Plein Air Phil Dynan's Page
About the painting: Shady Rest Full Gospel Church This little church is located on Cty Rt A11 near Tehama, California. I spotted it on my way to buy Alfalfa bales from a local farmer. It didn't take long to do a quick assessment, eliminate distracting details, and capture the essence of the place. I painted quickly and added the "bulging" effect to...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 2Ko - 2010]

  - Plein Air Paintings in New Suite Phil Dynan's Page
Phil Dynan's new works (2010) include plein air abstract works done in Nevada, California, Arizona and Alberta I've been working on a new suite of paintings. Acrylic on canvas and paper, these are abstract plein air paintings, either done on the spot or constructed on the spot and finished later. I like the wide-open spaces. The Black Rock Desert i...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 3Ko - 2010]

  - Oddly Enough, Blue Men Escaping A Cat's Mind
I've been writing about and painting the drone destruction and murder in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I get very little feedback, except from one or two 'politically aware' artists and collectors. Nonetheless, I have persisted with this theme. Now the U...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 4Ko - 2009]

  - Between Worlds: PTSD and Other Effects of War
Between Worlds: PTSD and Other Effects of War A Group Art Exhibition at the International House – September 12-October 7,2008   PTSD and other effects of war are the subject of 'Between Worlds', an art exhibit showing at the Chancellor’s Internationa...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 6Ko - 2008]

  - Peace, Love & Understanding Through Art
I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never become a reality.. I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have th...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 5Ko - 2008]

  - Phil Dynan's "The Odd Newsletter"
: When Alfred Sieglitz and   Edward Steichen opened the Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession in New York (the 291 Gallery), it was one of the most historic moments in American Art History. It would become the hub of artistic activity, changing the...
[Page - Phil Dynan - 7Ko - 2008]

  - Colour and Simplicity
Colour, Simplicity and Communication
[Page - Phil Dynan - 1Ko - 2005]

  - Sviluppando un senso di colore dopo avere vissuto in Etiopia, Phil Dynan ha preso le sue pitture alle vie di Londra verso la fine degli anni sessanta. Ora lavorando a Londra e nella California del Nord ai tempi differenti dell'anno, l'artista preferi...
[Biography - Phil Dynan - 2Ko - 2004]

  - Développant un sens de couleur d'habiter en Ethiopie, Phil Dynan a pris ses peintures aux rues de Londres vers la fin des années '60. Maintenant travaillant à Londres et en Californie nordique à différentes heures de l'année, les faveurs d'artiste pe...
[Biography - Phil Dynan - 2Ko - 2004]

  - Developing a sense of colour from living in Ethiopia, Phil Dynan took his paintings to the streets of London in the late sixties. Now working in London and Northern California at different times of the year, the artist favours painting in oils or acr...
[Biography - Phil Dynan - 2Ko - 2004]

Гостевая книга Phil Dynan

Your Newsletter
Hey Phil, Your newsletter is great, though profoundly sad, concerning the slaughter of people by US drones. What a crime. Peace, Poet pamela
(Pamela, 21 December 2009)
nice artworks
Hello, I am impressed with your recent artworks!Congratulations!Have an art year 2007!Best wishes from Pula/Croatia Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik,MD
(Ljiljana Lazicic-Putnik, 14 January 2007)
Your artwork and staying in touch!
Hi Phil! I was so very happy to get your card at Christmas....another beautiful serigraph that I can add to my collection. Over the years, you have sent me some of your beautiful cards and I have had three of them framed, at the top of my stairs, leading to my entry, for well over 10 years. Plus I am lucky to also have a print of your Iris pictu.../...
(Susanne Reed, 9 January 2007)
My husband and I purchased one of your 'Bird Toe' paintings and 'The Flying Dog'in Davis y...
My husband and I purchased one of your 'Bird Toe' paintings and 'The Flying Dog'in Davis years ago. The Bird Toe painting has a special place above the fireplace in our living room! Your art work has a life of it's own. It is vibrant, rich, exciting and ALIVE with energy! We hope to eventually have a collection of your work..it just adds to the pos.../...
([From Guestbook], 11 February 2005)
Your art work is divine - I am so glad that an accident of fate allowed me to see your fa...
Your art work is divine - I am so glad that an accident of fate allowed me to see your fantastic endeavors. Your art has such warmth and life to it, true quality. If you write as well as you paint - I would look forward to reading more ! Topper
([From Guestbook], 20 August 2004)
hello phyl* I am really enjoy to view your work into this site your work is fabulous an...
hello phyl* I am really enjoy to view your work into this site your work is fabulous and I hope you remenber me thanks for this visit your friend sophie neirynck Tableauxenligne.com/@/sophie neirynck I'm looking forward to read you again
([From Guestbook], 22 May 2004)