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Portfolio Pegi E. Smith

Portfolio Pegi E. Smith

Pegi E. Smith
Pegi E. Smith

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Fine art by Pegi E. Smith Oeuvres de Pegi E. Smith Pegi E. Smith Pegi E. Smith Pegi E. Smith Pegi E. Smith Pegi E. Smith Pegi E. Smith Pegi E. Smith

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  - "Women With Attitude and the Men Who Love Them" Featuring Women Artists celebrating Life and Strength come join Pegi Smith and many wonderful artsists.. beginning April 7th ..7pm - 8pm..at Jega Gallery 625 "A" St. Ashland Oregon..Show runs through Ju...
[Announcement - Pegi E. Smith - 2Ko - 2006]

  - Read about Pegi's works now in the Ashland Magazine, winter edition..Ashland Oregon..Home of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival..ashlandmagazine.com
[Announcement - Pegi E. Smith - 1Ko - 2006]

  - Pegi was born in Canda to Austrian parents. Her father was an artist /painter and so the community of artist freinds truly fueled her enthusiasim for the arts. Her father also worked as a dental technician and Pegi followed in his footsteps to become...
[Biography - Pegi E. Smith - 2Ko - 2006]

Гостевая книга Pegi E. Smith

Wonderful work by Ms. Smith; i am impressed with the way she handles negative space.
(Alicia Mannix, 10 March 2006)
Spirit Masks
These truely are "spirit" masks. Each one speaks and sings an ancient song and I can only imagine what they are like in person. What an amazing portfolio, I love the Rose Works also. Thank you for your creations and sharing your gift in such a sacred way!
(Pamela Jo Benet, 10 March 2006)