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Portfolio Natalya Zhdanova

Portfolio Natalya Zhdanova


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Fine art by Natalya Zhdanova Oeuvres de Natalya Zhdanova Natalya Zhdanova Natalya Zhdanova Natalya Zhdanova Natalya Zhdanova Natalya Zhdanova Natalya Zhdanova Natalya Zhdanova

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Галерея Natalya Zhdanova в 3D Cube wide on black, Cube hight on black, Cube wide on white, FishEye on white, FishEye on black, Front3D on black, Front3D on white, Cylinder on white, Cylinder on black, High cylinder on white, High cylinder on black, Wall cylinder on white, Wall cylinder on black, Large Wall cylinder on white, Large Wall cylinder on black, Spiral on white, Spiral on black, CoverFlow on black, CoverFlow on white, CoverFlow large on black, CoverFlow large on white

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Multi panel Floral abstract art fantasy Lilac Waltz of Flowers, diptych painting on canvas

Colorful painting on paper Danse of Fire. large original abstract paper wall art.

Original abstract landscape painting wall art forest Summer Heat

Fantasy surreal painting , fantasy animal art, fantasy wall decor surrealism, fantasy animal totem art In the world of Totems, surreal art

Sailing vessel Scarlet sails

Still Life with a shaman's tambourine Оriginal oil painting on canvas

Original Painting Violets at a winter window in abstract style

Spring mood Original painting Bouquet Flowers Poppies with Camomiles Original painting

Contemporary Painting Forest Spirit in surreal style

Flowers tulips colorful bouquet in vase

Stil life Flowers Red Poppies Original oil Painting

Winter Morning landscape

Original Painting Miracle fish - a whale in abstract style

Still life with violin and roses

Summer Mirage Original oil painting Landscape

Two Gold Fishes Original oil painting in handmade on canvas

World of eternal hunt Original oil painting in surreal style

Peonies red and black in the abstract style

Winter Rhapsody in abstract style

Bird Phoenix in surreal style from my Original Painting

Flowers white roses in a garden of memoirs in abstract style

Contemporary oil Painting Underwater Odyssey on canvas

Original painting Breathing salamander in handmade

Adam and Eve still life with pears and apple Original oil Painting

Girl in the rain Cityscape

  - My name is Natalya Zhdanova. I am a professional Artist. I am the Member of the International Art Fund. The Member of the Professional Union of Artists. I live and work in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I was trained in the folk Moscow university at the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. I love nature and animals. I am happy and proud that m...
[Biography - Natalya Zhdanova - 3Ko - 2017]

  - Contemporary painting by artist Natalya Zhdanov Страница Natalya Zhdanova
Abstract Painting, Surreal, Still life, Landscape, Seascape, Flowers, Animals. Original Paintings handmade for any design of Interior.
[Page - Natalya Zhdanova - 1Ko - 2017]

  - Shipping & policies Страница Natalya Zhdanova
Processing time I send the Painting within 5-7 business days. Shipping any piece of art outside Russian Federation requires certain customs respect. The authenticity of Painting on canvas is confirmed into Federal Agency of cultural heritage protection. Processing time I send the Painting within 5-7 business days. Shipping any piece of art outside ...
[Page - Natalya Zhdanova - 2Ko - 2017]

  - My Artwork Underwater Odyssey is exhibited at the international art project of avant-garde and surrealist art "Geysers subconscious on Tverskaya" in Moscow from 4 April to 1 May 20017. The organizers of the international center of art Andrei Nekrasov, Moscow. the organizers of the international center of art Andrei Nekrasov, Moscow.
[Announcement - Natalya Zhdanova - 2Ko - 2017]

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sewa mobil bali
(ayunadi, 4 April 2017)
Reminds me of my mom
My mom used to have a similar piece of work to this. It hung in our kitchen. She has been gone for several years but looking it made me think of the piece mom had.
(Angie, 24 December 2015)