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Portfolio Maia Oprea

Portfolio Maia Oprea

Maia Oprea
Maia Oprea

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  - In February 2013 my solo exhibition CADMIUM was on show at U-ART Gallery in Bucharest . I invite you now to see the artworks exhibited on my website www.maiaoprea.ro/en , !
[Announcement - Maia Oprea - 1Ko - 2013]

  - “ Sometimes, it is enough to sit, in order to advance. The famous respite of sustenance. The watershed, the moment of alveoli refill, with fresh air, necessary to the breath of the future. In this way, you won them all, forever. And if you're lucky and the world is busy with other things, no-one stops you until you reach your goal." writes the Roma...
[Biography - Maia Oprea - 4Ko - 2013]

  - Shipping and Handling Maia Oprea's Page
costs for shipping my artworks Dear all, My artwork prices do not include the shipping prices. My artworks have been many times sold internationally, so I am quite used to pack them with a wooden board or polystiren board, in plus of a regular "bubble"foil, in order to ensure myself of their well-being. I also prefer to ship them with the mention '...
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