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Portfolio Macedon Luiza

Portfolio Macedon Luiza

Macedon Luiza
Macedon Luiza

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Fine art by Macedon Luiza Oeuvres de Macedon Luiza Macedon Luiza Macedon Luiza Macedon Luiza Macedon Luiza Macedon Luiza Macedon Luiza Macedon Luiza

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Балетом 2-oil на холсте ; Македонские Luiza

Балетом 1-oil на холсте ; Македонские Luiza

Цветы 9-oil на холсте ; macedonluiza

Цветы 8-oil на холсте ; macedonluiza

На seaside-oil по дереву ; macedonluiza

Цветы 11-oil на холсте ; macedonluiza

Цветы 9-oil на холсте ; macedonluiza

Цветы 2-oil на холсте ; macedonluiza

Цветы 1-oil на холсте ; macedonluiza

Цветы 4-oil на холсте ; Македонские Luiza

В лесу 1 по Македонского Луиза

Цветы 6 по Македонского Луиза

Цветы 2 по Македонского Луиза

В горах по Македонского Луиза

  - In 1983 finished Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and I came as a chemical engineer in Ramnicu Valcea. Here I follow, 3 years, painting courses at the Folk School of Art under the guidance of Mrs. Mary Gaghel Crisan. I participated in numerous personal and group exhibitions in Romania. Now, being a young retiree, I consider that I have still some...
[Biography - Macedon Luiza - 1Ko - 2014]

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Pretty flowers
Hello these are such pretty flowers. I am glad that I got the opportunity to see this!
(Lilac, 20 November 2015)