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Portfolio Kenneth Grzesik

Portfolio Kenneth Grzesik

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Риф Прогулка

  - Aloha Welcome to a collection of images that are based on my experiences on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It is my belief That art is life as life is art. To a large degree both are what we make of them. Having chosen to take a positive approach to both I have found both beauty and happiness. These life elements have been instilled into my art. Or...
[Biography - Kenneth Grzesik - 4Ko - 2016]

  - Aloha Bienvenue à une collection d'images qui sont basés sur mes expériences sur l'île de Kauai à Hawaii. Il est ma conviction que l'art est la vie comme la vie est l'art. Dans une large mesure les deux sont ce que nous en faisons. Ayant choisi d'adopter une approche positive à la fois, je l'ai trouvé à la fois la beauté et le bonheur. Ces éléments...
[Biography - Kenneth Grzesik - 3Ko - 2016]

  - Surrounded by a Spectral Sea Kenneth Grzesik's Page
The title "Kauluwela Moku" is derived from two Hawaiian words. Two of the meanings of Kauluwela are glowing and colorful. Moku means island. In combination they mean glowing colorful island. The series of images is an exploration of color. The title "Kauluwela Moku" is derived from two Hawaiian words. Some of the meanings of Kauluwela are glowing a...
[Page - Kenneth Grzesik - 8Ko - 2013]

  - The Story of the Hula Kenneth Grzesik's Page
Taken from "Hula! New, Easy Self-Teaching Method" by Scotty Guletz (South Sea Scotty) 1956 "What is the story of the hula as it is danced today? The hula is the Hawaiian folk dance. Hula is fun! Every movement and motion has a meaning of it's own, ... Everyone will tell you the hula is a dance of the hands! But, lovely brown maidens everywhere are ...
[Page - Kenneth Grzesik - 2Ko - 2012]

  - How Hawaii Was Made Safe (Part 4) Kenneth Grzesik's Page
The final segment in the legend of the goddess Hi'iaka and her companions. Now the trail was even harder to follow than before for the storm had uprooted trees and scattered vines. Tired and hot, the young women suddenly found themselves at the top of a cliff overlooking the sea. "Here the trail is broken," the serving women said. "Part has fallen ...
[Page - Kenneth Grzesik - 7Ko - 2012]

  - How Hawaii Was Made Safe (part 3) Kenneth Grzesik's Page
Hi'iaka and her companions face Pana'ewa the great mo'o of the forest. "What danger?" asked Hi'iaka. "Shall we trip on vines or fallen logs?" "Must we wade rocky streams?" "This beautiful forest belongs to Pana'ewa the great mo'o." The girls looked anxiously toward the forest and voices were full of fear. "If anyone dares to enter, the servants of ...
[Page - Kenneth Grzesik - 7Ko - 2012]

  - How Hawaii Was Made Safe (part 2) Kenneth Grzesik's Page
A continuation of the legend of Hi'iaka and her quest to rid the island of Hawaii from the evil beings that ruled the island. "Alone?" asked Hi'iaka again. "It is no fun to talk to my shadow. It doesen't answer. Then Pele called her own serving woman. "Go with my sister," she commanded and turned again to tend her fires. The two journeyed. Hi'iaka ...
[Page - Kenneth Grzesik - 5Ko - 2012]

  - How Hawaii Was Made Safe (part one) Kenneth Grzesik's Page
From "Pele and Hi'iaka" by Emerson "Legends of the Volcanoes" by Westervelt Collected or suggested by Mary Kawena Pukui Retold by Caroline Curtis in "Pikoi and Other Legends of the Island of Hawaii" published by Kamahameha Schools in 1949. Hi'iaka was Pele's younger sister. She was beautiful and brave and Pele loved her dearly. But Hi'iaka was diff...
[Page - Kenneth Grzesik - 4Ko - 2012]

  - I just created a new domain name for my website where a personal vision of art is presented in the spirit of aloha. The domain name www.IkeAloha.com is a combination of two Hawaiian words. The first is ike. According to The Hawaiian Dictionary on www.wehewehe.org it is a word of many meanings. Here are some of them. 1. nvt . To see, know, feel, gre...
[Announcement - Kenneth Grzesik - 4Ko - 2012]

  - From a remote Anahola studio in Kauai, Hawaii comes vivid pastel images inspired by life experiences on a beautiful island. Over the next few weeks I will be adding new images to my gallery. These were created between the years 2000 and 2004. Many of these works are available for the first time. I would advise checking back often as the addition of...
[Announcement - Kenneth Grzesik - 2Ko - 2012]

  - For the next several weeks I will be downloading freshly edited imagery onto my ArtsCad portfolio. The concept is to go beyond the purely representational into a realm of visual expression where photography adopts the qualities of fine painting. Concept, composition, color and texture are digitally fused to produce new and unique visual experiences...
[Announcement - Kenneth Grzesik - 2Ko - 2012]

  - IMAGES FROM THE GREEN SHACK I've recently re-edited and I am currently downloading images from "the green shack period" onto my ArtsCad gallery. These are soft pastels and a few paintings that were created during a four year period when I spent a good deal of time living and making art in a small green shack. It is located on the property of a frie...
[Announcement - Kenneth Grzesik - 3Ko - 2012]

Гостевая книга Kenneth Grzesik

Grand work
Grand work! I love what you have created here.
(Marty, 23 February 2016)
This is terrific work. I like your style and the color choices and just everything about it.
(Beth, 9 February 2016)
Nice piece. I really like it a lot.
(Kit Kat, 20 November 2015)
Very cool work. I love your style so much.
(Pate, 10 November 2015)
Holy Cow!
Holy cow this is impressive. I love what you have done here.
(Andrea, 8 November 2015)
Clean looking
This is such a refreshing picture. I think that you have captured this quite well.
(MIMI, 20 October 2015)
So peaceful
This is so peaceful. I could sit and look at this artwork for hours and hours on end.
(Danna, 29 September 2015)
Jenna wants this!
I must say you are quite talented here. I love this piece as it looks amazing to me!
(Jenna, 23 September 2015)
I close my eyes and I can see this painting... What a gorgeous piece of artwork!!!
(Kat, 15 September 2015)
Book on hula

(Gretchen Guletz Carlson, 20 June 2012)
Thank you
I am happy with your support. I wish you well.
(Bohumila Kopec, 16 January 2007)
Nice photography!
Aloha! Kenneth, Nice photography, they have the visual textural quality of your pastel. Keep them coming, I’m looking forward to see more. My son and daughter both surfers at the California Central Coast would die to live in Anahola! Anne Fraker
(Anne Fraker, 24 December 2006)