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Portfolio Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe

Portfolio Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe

Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe
Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe
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Отчаяние н.р. . 2

Мерилин Монро знойный

представьте Джон Леннон

средневекового взглядом самого Колдовство

Готический свод Свет а также тёмный

кабала цепи

Bondage ремни

Арабские глаза

Средневековый , таинственная ( хайди клум )

Символическое двигатель гонки

Символическое Шахматная доска


  - I was born on the 20.05.1949 in Nottingham England . I have been living in Germany since 1979 , I am still a British Subject. Before I came to Germany in 1979 I lived in Plymouth Devon , where I was as a s t o n e mason und sculptor , specialise d in...
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  - The portrait
Andernach Germany Before Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe 1979 born on May 20th, 1949 in Nottingham came to Germany, he lived in Plymouth Devon in the southwest of England where he had specialized himself in the restoration of buildings as stonemason and scul...
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