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Portfolio John Quinn

Portfolio John Quinn

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Камень Ваза с Dallasite

Каменная ваза с тигровый глаз

Природный камень Ваза с Rhodenite и кварцевый

Шифер Ваза с кристаллами аметиста

Уникальный природный камень с ВАЗА тигровый глаз

TALL ВАЗА из натурального камня Стакан выстроились

Уникальные природные держателей карт БИЗНЕС КАМЕНЬ

Уникальные природные ВАЗА КАМНЯ Стакан выстроились 7

Эмалированное ВАЗА из натурального камня TURQUOISE

визитница в природный Камня

натуральный камень дело карта Держатель

Эмалированные Шифер ваза с аметистом КРИСТАЛЛОВ

  - Currently I am living on Saltspring Island which is on Canada's west coast between the citys of Victoria and Vancouver. There I enjoy the life of an Artist producing vases from stone and selling most of them at our local market and galleries. I was born and educated in London England, and received five years of Art school training in the U.K. , , T...
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  - Training in Artist's Innovative Process Offered John Quinn's Page
For the last nineeen years I have been working mainly in stone and have developed some innovative ways of treating this most natural of materials. Now I am offering full disclosure of my methods to persons willing to purchase a license. The license would allow the purchaser to use my system in producing and marketing items similar to my Cast in Sto...
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I love this stone vase
I love this stone vase. How long did it take you to complete?
(Albert, 30 December 2015)
Stone Vase
This is a great piece of work. Excellent.
(Tyler, 9 December 2015)