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Portfolio Glenn Mccoll

Portfolio Glenn Mccoll

Glenn Mccoll
Glenn Mccoll
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мост самого Берн

антиквариат Тюльпаны

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Луна-парк а также тем Дворец

That's Мельбурн

  - Glenn McColl Melbourne, Australia Email : groovaimagery@gmail.com I've been more serious about photography over the past year. Always loved taking photos but never really considered doing anything with it as a hobby or a business. I've always loved to travel and learn about other cultures over the course of my life so far. I try to be somewhat crea...
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  - Imagine . . . 'The winner of $10,00 and our next Photographer of the Year is Glenn McColl!' Dear Glenn, There is great news, and I want to be the first person to tell you. You are nominated for this year's Amateur Photographer of the Year competition...
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