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Portfolio Christina Wilson

Portfolio Christina Wilson

Christina Wilson
Christina Wilson
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мать и ребенок

дерево жизни

Фото Одиночество


мой Демоны

fantasy ii

Фантазия я

марка новый дня

плохая девочка


Человек Размышляя


цвет Печаль

  - Christina Marie I think, I see, I feel, I dream, I love, I hurt. For me art is all of these, an expression of life around me. It is a challange to capture an emotion or a moment in time. There is nothing like showing an art piece to someone and havin...
[Biography - Christina Wilson - 3Ko - 2006]

Гостевая книга Christina Wilson

your art
You are improving fast Christina, we can see your art progressing... Keep up the good work this is wonderfull. I love "Mother and Son"
(Gerald Dextraze, 1 July 2006)
u r amazing
well, let me say that when I looked at ur paintings I got scared at first, but then I realized the motive thats makes u paint. In Fantasy || I can feel the pain, fear, and the rythem of death. it is not easy to paint those feelings, I wish u all the luck and joy for ur future.
(Luay Dababneh, 29 March 2006)