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Portfolio Benjamin Vasserman

Portfolio Benjamin Vasserman

Benjamin Vasserman
Benjamin Vasserman
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  - Three of my works are exhibited in The Story of the Creative The Story of the Creative exhibition is purely digital exhibition of artists that are part of See.me The art work will be shown in a brand new multi-media gallery, either on a 51” flatscreen monitor or projected onto our gallery wall. This special digital projection series will be on view...
[Announcement - Benjamin Vasserman - 3Ko - 2013]

  - Born 1949 Estonian graphic artist and printmaker Began to exhibit in 1978 Freelance artist since 1990 Membership: 1989 Estonian Artists' Association and 1992 Association of Estonian Printmakers 1973 - 1979 Estonian Academy of Arts (graphic art), Tallinn Solo exhibitions: 1987 Tallinn Art Salon, Estonia 1989 Cafe Viru, Moscow, Russia Gallery Samml...
[Biography - Benjamin Vasserman - 9Ko - 2012]